Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is a way of growing leafy greens in vertically stacked layers rather than traditional, horizontal farming where usually one growing layer is used. In this way, we can grow more leafy greens on the same footprint area because we are able to increase the growing area vertically and efficiently.  We will be growing indoors, which allows us to control the environment and optimize plant growth by using soilless farming techniques called Hydroponics and Gelponics.


Our vision is to cater to consumers with the most nutritious and healthy leafy greens to ensure the best quality of their lives without harming our precious environment. We want to ease the pressure on our ecosystem and the cultivated land, thereby allowing natural habitats to recover and protect soil, which is a vital resource for life on Earth.

Main Benefits

More and more consumers are choosing healthier and value-based products.
We’re creating a new category of vertically grown salads: fresh, local, sustainable, nutritious, and highest quality.

Local Production. Most of the leafy greens are being imported to Lithuania. We will be growing in a Vertical Farm located in Vilnius, which significantly shortens the supply chain.

All-Year-Round Production. By having an indoor controlled environment, we are not dependent on weather and can deliver the highest quality products with the same quality, nutritional values, taste, all-year-round.
No Pesticides. Due to clean & protected growing environment, we will not be using pesticides, herbicides, or any other harmful substances.
Sustainability. Vertical Farms can yield several hundred times more leafy greens, using less water and the same footprint area as traditional farms. Our Vertical Farm will be CO2 neutral-negative, minimize the negative footprint on our land, and will save more space for nature.